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    Beta and ARC feedback:

    “Lovely, just lovely."

    "This book is all kinds of beautiful, and I hate that I only have a 100 pages left."

    "This book reminds me deeply of a Place Called Here and If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern."

    What is it all about?

    What if I told you there is more to life than meets the eye and that some things in this universe are unbelievable?

    That heroes are dead, the afterlife is real, and that all the ones you’ve lost are still out there, watching over you?

    Oh, and gods like Zeus, Hermes, Aphrodite? Those are real too.

    And that every moment leads you further to your destiny. But not for me, of course. I was never supposed to die, and now I must spend the rest of my days with a target on my back. A ghost, living in a city of angels. And the boy that failed to save me the first time vows to save me again and again in the afterlife, for all of eternity.

    Yet still, some higher power believes I’m a hero, too. Capable of saving both humans and angels.

    Caroline Rose became a ghost after her unexpected death, with no memory of what happened. She is soon met by a visitor who brings her to the city of angels and is given a gift that will change her life forever. At first, the city seems like a haven, but with angels disappearing, Caroline realizes that even the lightest city holds the darkest secrets.

    Dash Underwood is part of an elite group of angels known as the Guardian Angels United. Guardians have extraordinary powers in order to help them perform heroic acts to help save humanity. Dash has never failed a mission, until he is assigned to save Caroline Rose.

    As the two meet in the city of angels, mysteries lie ahead. Among griffins, miracles, dragons, and messages that reach you from the graveyard, they must work together if they want any chance of succeeding against the forces of evil that have fallen.

    Will Caroline fulfill her destiny? Or will she remain an imposter among heroes and demons…